Saturday, February 26, 2011

My letter to all females . . .

Good evening everyone. Many, if not most of you reading this, know me already, whilst many of you do not. However, for any male, and most many females, reading this will be able to relate to what I'm about to ask as a favor from the females in our lives; and that is this:

We can handle a no!

Allow me to explain . . . You see, I have had many experiences in the past (and a lot of the males reading this have most likely had this as well) where I would ask a girl out, only to get an excuse as to why and an apology with a "it's really not you, it's me" thrown in there somewhere. For example:

Random guy: So, I was wondering if you think we could go out sometime or something?
Random girl: Oh, umm, like a friendly kinda outing or whatever?
Random guy: Well, I was thinking . . . maybe a . . . date?
Random girl: Oh, wow . . . I'm really sorry. I mean, you're an awesome friend and a great guy, but I don't think I want a relationship right now. I'm just enjoying being single and away from all the drama.

Many of you are probably familiar with that scenario. Here's how it plays out 8 times out of 10.

Random guy: So, I saw your facebook last night and it said that you just got with some guy?! I thought you weren't "ready for a relationship right now" or whatever!
Random girl: Oh, well, it just sorta happened. You know how these things go . . .


No ladies, we really don't.

So, I'm going to finish this note up with my message to the world that I'd kind of like to just leave as a reminder for everyone. Ladies, WE CAN HANDLE A NO! If you don't want to be anything more than just a friend with us, don't find us attractive, or whatever, and we ask you out, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TELL THE TRUTH! Here's a little interesting fact: It hurts A LOT more when a girl says they're not allowed to date, they're busy that night with their family, they can't handle a relationship, just got out of a bad breakup, etc. and then gets with a guy the next day, instead of just saying a simple "No, I'm sorry. You're a nice person, I just don't see you that way." or something like that.

Oh, please don't think I'm giving women a hard time, I also know that us guys can, and usually are, huge jerks. Guys are total dicks (pun DEFINITELY intended XD ). I myself can be a jerk sometimes, but I really don't mean to.

Lastly, in case any of you ask, no I did not write this because this happened to me recently. This actually happened to me a LONG time ago quite a number of times; it's just something that we all pretty much wish never happened. I fully admit that I used to be a REALLY weird kid, and their No's made perfect sense, I just always kind of prefer honesty. Thankfully, after I got past that awkward phase in my life, I found my way into fun and amazing relationships that I'll always remember.

So remember my comrades, stay in school, some garlic a day keeps the vampires and Twilight fans away, brush your teeth, and whatever good advice you can think of :)

Non Timebo Mala,